Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New babies are best!

I want new mommies to know that babies photograph better when they are still very sleepy and very curly.  Usually by the time a baby is 10 days, they sleep a lot less.  Newborn Photographers ask mommies to bring in their bundle by the 10th day.  I find that most mommies want to visit the studio the same day that the baby has his hearing test.  It seems to work, as mommy has baby out (sometimes for the first time).  An older baby (at 3 weeks) may not give the same poses as the younger newborn, but usually the images are still very cute (of course all babies are beautiful!)  Younger babies are that much more cooperative that's all.  Just want you to know.  I would also like to encourage expecting mothers to call/email with their due dates before the baby is born, that way we can get the baby scheduled in before 10-14 days.

excuse the typo  :(